3 Common Misconceptions About Medicare

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Medicare is a federal program that subsidizes healthcare for seniors over the age of 65. This makes receiving healthcare more accessible and affordable for all seniors, and if you have reached the age of 65 or are nearing the age of enrollment, you have probably heard many things about Medicare and how it works.

3 Common Misconceptions About Medicare

At Jeannie Pierce Insurance Agency, we often hear clients tell us things they have heard about Medicare that aren’t completely true. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about this health insurance program:

  1. You can enroll whenever you want—When you turn 65, you become eligible to enroll in Medicare. But most people only have a 7-month window to complete the enrollment process. Otherwise, they must wait until open enrollment the following year, which usually runs from January to March.
  2. You can’t get prescription drug coverage with Medicare—Medicare Part A and Part B only provide limited prescription drug coverage. However, you can obtain a Part D plan through a private insurance provider to help you manage the cost of prescription medications.
  3. You can’t be covered under Medicare if you’ve never worked—If you have never entered the workforce, you may not be able to qualify for Medicare Part A without premiums. If this is your situation, you can rely on the work credits of your spouse to qualify.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Medicare. For more information, contact us today!