Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum: The 4 Types of ACA Plans

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If you are looking at ACA plans for health insurance coverage, you may not know exactly where to start. As you browse the marketplace, plans are typically divided into four basic categories: Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. Here is a closer look at what that means and some of the core differences between these ACA Plans.

Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum: The 4 Types of ACA Plans


If you go with a Bronze plan, you will typically have low monthly premiums and higher costs when you need healthcare. This type of plan may be beneficial if you are looking for a low-cost way to protect yourself financially from worst-case medical situations, like a serious injury or illness.


If you choose a Silver ACA plan, you will have a moderate monthly premium and be responsible for moderate costs when you need medical care. Most of the deductibles for Silver plans will have lower deductibles than any of the Bronze plans. We often recommend Silver plans to those who want to have more of their routine healthcare costs covered.


Gold ACA plans come with higher monthly premiums but lower costs when you need medical care. Deductibles are typically low, and these plans are a good choice if you require a lot of medical care and are willing to pay more every month on your premiums.


If you choose a Platinum plan, you will have high monthly premiums but very low costs when you go in for healthcare. Your deductible with one of these plans will be low, meaning that your health insurance will start paying its share of costs sooner than other plans.