Who Needs to Have Health Insurance?

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Although there is no longer a federal insurance mandate and North Carolina does not require residents to have health insurance, it is important for you to be covered. Even if you are healthy and only need health insurance for preventive care and in case of unexpected medical costs throughout the year, it’s worth having.

Who Needs to Have Health Insurance?

However, we also recognize that health insurance isn’t equally important for everyone because everyone’s situation is different. Here are examples of life situations in which you should seriously consider getting health insurance:

•  Turning 65- Provided that you meet the other eligibility requirements, turning 65 means you qualify for Medicare. This means you’ll pay less overall than you would for private health insurance, since Medicare has lower premiums. Plus, it’s important to have coverage as you continue to age and your health becomes more uncertain.

•  Losing a Job- If you lose your job and the health insurance your employer provided when you were an employee, then you may want to start looking for an independent health insurance plan. After all, you and your family still have medical needs that won’t wait until you have the right coverage again.

•  Getting Married- If you have just gotten married, you qualify for a special enrollment period in which you can choose a new health insurance plan or add your spouse and any dependents you may have to it.

•  Having a Baby- Giving birth in a hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars without insurance, so it is incredibly important to have health insurance to cover that.